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True Medusa

True Medusa

True Medusa is an all-female identified Improv Ensemble with Leela (SF) who began in January 2012. About our name: True Medusa comes from the mythology behind Medusa, with the “true medusa” being the woman Medusa was before she was cursed. We take that to mean something along the lines of “woman before culture defined everything she was.” So in our work, we are everything – men, women, elephants, children, tables, robots, corpses, etc. And we do everything too, because women can do whatever they want. Amen? True Medusa performs a variety of long-form structures focused on Leela’s training center mission of truthful, artistic play. They showcase authentic relationships in an absurd world. Surrealism, hilarity, and kookiness abounds.

Starring: Marcia Aguilar, Jocelyn Alive, Allison Ayer, Tatiana Chaterji, Emily Drevets, Kathleen Dyer, Laine Forman, Lara Henerson, Mariah Howard, Cheryl Kann, Mia Lee, Arie Levine, Marilet Martinez, Kari McCullough, Allyn Pintal, Paula Pulizzi, Radhika Rao, Maureen Reily, Sara Renauer, Michele Salami, Sarah Ristine, Yael Schy, Jessica Yeh

Directed by: Jill Eickmann

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