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Tatiana Chaterji


Tatiana works at the intersection of popular education, creative expression, and healing. Trained in various modalities of applied theatre, she believes in the liberatory potential of the dramatic form to address violence and collective trauma. She cross-trains in the domains of music, capoeira, and improvisational theatre, with Kolkata, West Bengal, India, her creative home. She performs in South Asia with physical/abstract forms, inspired by drama therapy and self-revelatory theatre. As a martial artist, she leads cross-cultural athletic training for stage combat and fight choreography with youth. As a public survivor of violence, she is involved in processes of Restorative Justice that include Victim-Offender Dialogues and Victim-Offender Education Groups with incarcerated populations. From the personal to the socio-historical, Tatiana seeks systems of accountability that move beyond prisons, policing, and punitive discipline. Her background in the immigrant rights movement includes sustained presence in Boston’s Haitian community. Her undergraduate thesis in Government and Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality (Harvard, 2008) incorporated Participatory Action Research in considering citizenship, borders, cultural belonging, political action, and transnational solidarity in the Haitian diasporic context.

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