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Steven Burnett

Faculty, Performer

Steven was born in Florida to military parents and spent his youth living in various U. S. states, as well as three years abroad in Spain. Steven got his first taste of performance when he and his little sister put on a dance show for friends and neighbors in 1984. In high school, he directed the Neil Simon one-act play Visitor from Forest Hills, which won regionals, and placed second in the state competition. He went on to study voice with Marylin Govich, and studied music theater and creative writing at the University of Central Oklahoma. There he was selected for the prestigious Concert Choral program, and traveled across the country performing various works, including Carmina Burana. He has been featured in productions of On the Town, My One and Only, and Man of La Mancha. In San Francisco, he directed Algonquin, a fiction and essay writer’s workshop, for two years. He also performed in the original musical, Let Recovery In, exploring issues of substance abuse and depression, and bearing them up in the form of transcendent, glam-rock, power ballads. Steven joined Leela in 2013 and is a founding member of Leela’s resident Harold Team, Sketchy Alley. He has since played in Dream Sequence, Microwaved PIE, and the Drop-ins, and is also a founding member of San Francisco’s premier LGBT improv troupe, LiGhtBrighT! In his spare time Steven sings, dances (when no one is looking), and writes critical analyses about television shows that nobody cares about. He has also been working on a graphic novel project with smart-ass wizards, and world-weary, dwarven cab drivers that he so, so, super-swears he is going to finish and start shopping around any minute now.

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Sketchy Alley

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Drop-In Class: The Art of Improvisation

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