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Robert Hickling

Founding Member

Robert has coached, directed, and performed in improvisational theater for a number of years since 2000 beginning at BATS Improv, being a grateful part of Leela’s very first year, and considers the values and skills of improvisation an amazing foundation for all things creative. Getting a Bachelors in Ecological Design through Stanford University and a Masters at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture provided breakthrough and groundwork exposure to methods for the imaginative process. He has co-created, produced and is acting in his own show called Knights of Revery, and co-created the first Knights music video. A web and graphic designer, his portfolio is composed of websites, apps, brands, acting, photography and print. He often likes to ask, “So which San Francisco Bay Area personal growth workshops have you done?” Not for status. Out of curiosity. He’s done quite a few. Currently, it’s the Hakomi Comprehensive Training. A whole lotta gratitude goes out to his friends, family, teachers, and the grace of good luck. Don’t forget, this is always going on.

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