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Rachel Hamilton


Rachel is a graduate of Northwestern University, an alumna of The Second City, Chicago and a wholehearted Improv enthusiast, teetering on the brink of fanatical.  She has lived taught and performed Improv in Chicago, Los Angeles, and most recently New York. Now a resident of Northern California, Rachel is thrilled to be bringing her depth of experience to the vibrant Bay Area Improv scene. Rachel learned her craft from and with the best, on stage at Second City with geniuses like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Scott Adsit, along with many other non-famous geniuses.  Her teaching style is upbeat and nurturing – she creates a safe space where everyone can feel safe to practice the skills that make for amazing Improv; Listening, Authenticity, Presence, etc. Rachel is an ardent believer that Improv skills are life skills, that this art form is an amazing tool for everyone seeking to be more present and alive, not just actors. As a director and instructor Rachel has worked for:  Second City, (Chicago & LA), Magnet Theater, Artistic New Directions, the Moth, Syracuse University and Michael Howard Studios.  She also creates custom workshops for a wide variety of corporate and private clients with targeted learning objectives; team building, listening skills, risk-taking, etc. Rachel is thrilled to be joining the Leela community and she looks forward to working/playing with you!

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