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Michele Salami

Michele Salami

Michele began studying acting and improv in 2007 in New York City at Upright Citizen’s Brigade and City College of New York. Once she moved to the Bay Area, she continued her studies at UC Berkeley, Berkeley Rep School of Theater, American Conservatory Theater, private ensemble work and through courses in Interplay and Theater of the Oppressed. She began improvising with Leela’s all-women’s troupe, “True Medusa,” in the Fall of 2012, and has performed with them twice. She has also performed with another group, “Improvalicious.” While most of her experience lies in improv, she is also planning to continue her studies in stage and film acting, writing, and filmmaking. Michele also loves to sing and has been doing so privately and in choirs in Minneapolis, New York, and Berkeley. Michele loves improv because it makes her come alive, and because she is always surprised by the hysterical comedy or heart-wrenching drama that is created by remaining connected to oneself and to one’s scene partner and by simply speaking one’s truth into the air.

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