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Mariah Howard


Mariah’s been improvising and playing dress-up for as long as she can remember. She had an extensive costume collection that allowed her to play any character she could imagine, from French novelists to computer salesmen. Now she loves working as a Voice Over Actor, Improvisor and facilitator. Mariah’s been a part of Bay Area Improv life since 2005 and has been a member of Drunken Monkey Improv, Tilted Frame, and True Medusa. She is currently performing with the all-star team of Leela’s, Armando Company. While performing with The Armando Company, Mariah had the bold vision of inviting Claire Slattery and Fontana Butterfield to form an Improv trio with her  – and thusly – The Right Now was born. All three women look forward to continuing to delight audiences through out the Bay Area…and beyond!

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