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Lara Henerson


Lara is a freelance writer, editor and improviser, and she now has business cards to prove it! She grew up in the French Alps and in Humboldt County, California. After high school, she moved to Venezuela for a year, and then moved to Quebec, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Drama, Creative Writing, and World Religions. There, she wrote a very silly one act play, which was performed as part of Bishop’s University’s New Plays Festival. The same play was later performed in Worcester, England, where she did another year abroad. During her time in Quebec she also wrote for her campus newspaper and was editor in chief of the university’s literary journal. After Canada, Lara spent six weeks in Jordan digging up ancient Moabite bones and artifacts before moving to San Francisco. This is when she began to study improv. She began her training at Un-Scripted, performing long-form improvised musicals, before discovering Leela, where she has now been in three different troupes. After a stint in Scotland, where she earned a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, Lara is back in San Fransisco, performing with Marjory’s Mask and working on a comedic multi-strand urban fantasy novel set in San Francisco, which she hopes will one day be published “the traditional way”.

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