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Gil Brenum


Gil is currently a member of Robots To Rebels as well as the improv duo Gray Matter, with Kathleen Dyer. He has previously been a member of the Leela Performing Improv Ensembles Wood Elves’ House Party and The Three Body Problem. He started taking Basic Improv at Pan Theater is Oakland a little over 3 years ago. Gil loved his classmates and the instructor and has continued ever since. Long and Short Form Training Troupes at Pan have offered lots of performing opportunities. He also had the opportunity to take workshops from Charna Halpern and David Razowsky. Last fall Gil appeared in one of the plays in Pan’s “Anything Can Happen In 10 Minutes” play festival. He became involved with Leela last summer by taking two of their summer intensive workshops.This winter he was enrolled in the first two premiere sessions of Spirit of Play taught by Jill Eickmann. Gil has had lots of opportunities to perform in classes, workshops, and jams, but the Performing Improv Ensemble is the first time he will be part of a regular performing group.  His comment about the first two rehearsals with his new team:  “This is an amazing group of people who are coming together and trusting each other really quickly.  I’m totally stoked to be part of this group.”

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