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Daniel Woo


Daniel is an actor, comedian, improviser, playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker and an overall artist whose experience in the various avenues of the stage and screen has spanned for over a decade. Born in San Francisco, he is a true “Bay Area Brat”, having lived in nearly all major parts of The Bay.  His first foray into improv came when he partook in a class-wide improv game/competition during one of his high school drama classes. He came in 2nd out of nearly 70 students. From there, he continued to hone his improvisational skills, primarily to complement his theater training, while attending Foothill College in Los Altos as a theater student and UC San Diego (His alma mater) as a film major. He’s also studied improv through a series of workshops hosted by iO West (Improv Olympic) and UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade). After college, following a very rough and weird set of events that resulted in him returning to the Bay Area from Southern California and consequently living in his car, he was reintroduced to the world of improv through the urging of a close friend (Who was housing him at the time) who encouraged him to audition for Pan Theater in Oakland (Lest he not be allowed to stay at said friend’s place). He auditioned, got in, and the rest as they say is history. Since then Daniel has been an active member of the Bay Area improv community, is an alumni of Pan Theater’s featured performing troupe Liquid Mind, and can be seen at various jams, shows, and/or events organized by the myriad of Bay Area improv companies including Leela, Pan Theater, Endgames Improv, and BATS (Bay Area Theater Sports).

“There are many people, myself included, that believe acting and the theater arts are a form of therapy. After all I’ve experienced, I can honestly say that if theater is therapy, then improv is therapy… on steroids.” – Daniel Woo

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