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Improv Workshops

Corporate Training and Development

Leela’s corporate training sessions are 100% customized to specifically target and meet the needs and goals of our clients.

Team Building
(Our most popular package. Scalable to almost any group size and duration)
Start with individuals; end with a team. Participants learn how to listen, accept and build upon each other’s strengths to build something greater than the individual – a smooth functioning team that can adapt and innovate in remarkably new ways.

Take Recess Back!
A Leela Original Program designed to be integrated into your company’s work schedule and space. This 30 to 60 minute workshop can be implemented daily, weekly or monthly to re-invigorate the mind and body of all who come to play!

Public Speaking
Speak with ease and confidence in front of others – anytime, anywhere.

Leadership Skills
Embrace authenticity, integrity and play to inspire a more productive and integrative team.

Turn a dull, “My name is ________” meeting, into a dynamic, enlivening and informative event.

Creative Thinking
Unblock those creative juices and tap into a never-ending source of ideas.

Conflict Resolution
Handle a tricky work place issue with a light touch – encouraging perspective taking and positivity.

Diversity Training
Create a safe, supportive space to bring about authentic understanding and insight while respecting each participant’s need for their own pace towards empathetic understanding.

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Because each program is individually created and custom designed for each client, our fees are dependent on design, delivery time, and location.