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Have fun, meet new friends, and experience the joy of improvising! Whether you’re an individual searching for a creative outlet, or a performer looking to hone your craft, Leela is a great place for you to learn and perform the art of improvisation in the SF Bay. Our classes, taught by the experienced artists of Leela, are dedicated to helping you develop your artistic voice, both individually and within an ensemble. You’ll learn solid technique and theory while playing in an inspiring community of openness and support.

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Sign-up for Improv I and/or come play in our weekly Drop-In Improv Classes.


Our training center is unique in that each level is focused on a skill set, and/or quality we value in an improvisor. Many of our students with prior training elsewhere start in a higher level class and then jump around to previous levels, depending on their current interest in strengthening a particular improv skill. For brand new to improv students and regular drop-in students, we recommend starting with Improv I, then moving in a linear progression through the levels. Click on the relevant box below for specific class information:



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