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The Razowsky Project Cast – November 2006 | Directed by David Razowsky


Leela is searching for playful, honest, committed, intelligent men & women with strong improvisational acting skills for several new Performing Improv Ensembles (PIE)Our next audition is Sunday, March 29, 2015. If you would like to be considered please email your ACTOR’S headshot/resume to Once we have your information we will contact you with all of the audition information.

*Please note, you must have completed Improv 1-3 to be eligible to participate in the P.I.E. program.

Leela is the premier long-form improvisational theatre company and training center in the SF Bay Area. Our Performing Improv Ensembles offer the finest training and performance opportunities in Leela’s signature style of theatrical improvisation – focusing on truth-based performance formats inspired by the great improv traditions of the Second City, Improv Olympic (IO), Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and Annoyance Productions.

In addition to practicing respected formats/theories, Leela’s mission is to continue to develop the art of improvisation and inspire improvisors to create original formats and theories in pursuit of truthful, artistic play. Truthful: exploring the authentic truths of the artists involved on stage, Artistic: transforming these truths into compelling and accessible works of art, and Play: infusing the joy of childlike play into the process of creation.

Performing Improv Ensembles require a $450 contribution every 3 months. This allows Leela to sustain by helping to pay for rehearsal and performance space, marketing, management, director’s fees, and other administrative costs. Most professional improv theatres (The Second City, Improv Olympic, The Groundlings, etc) require a similar contribution.

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