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Asli Ors

Asli Ors

Asli is born and raised in beautiful Istanbul, (Not Constantinople). Being born to artist parents, she studied BFA Art Teaching in Anadolu University and BFA Post-Bacc Graphic Design in San Jose State. By day, she is a passionate design thinker, a change maker and an advocate for user centered design. By night and day, she is an improvisor on fire with a big open heart and a “slight” accent. She started her improv career with Leela in 2013. Asli currently performs with Sketchy Alley, a performing improv ensemble of Leela and smashes chairs in bizarre languages with her Euro Trash duo partner Andrea Barello. She has been thought and marveled by Daniel Klein, Jill Eickmann, Daniel Smith, Rachel Hamilton, David Razowsky, Armando Diaz, Jaime Moyer, Rebecca Stockley, William Hall, Susan Messing, Joya Cory and Marcus Sams. She believes that improvisation is the salvation to reach enlightenment and should be thought in schools as part of national curriculum.

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