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Andrew Fittingoff


Carl Sagan once said: “Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.” The same could be said for doing improv. As both an improv and science teacher, Andrew seeks to revitalize the imagination and curiosity that we are often discouraged from exploring in our structured lives. Andrew has performed with numerous indie groups in the San Francisco bay area, and has been performing with Leela since 2012. He has studied under improv masters such as Nick Armstrong, Bill Arnett, Rebecca Sohn, Rachel Hamilton, Jason Pardo, David Razowski, Amanda Barnes, Piper Gillan, Amy Lisewski, Kat Brown, Bill Binder, Kevin Mullaney, Carla Cackowski, Eric Hunicutt.

Performing Improv Ensemble
That One Troupe